Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gaiting issues

There are many reasons your gaited horse has trouble gaiting. It may be in the head set or the bit you are using. It could be the way your farrier is trimming your horses feet or even the shoes you have on your horse. Keg shod gaited horses should gait naturally they do not have a fake or man made gait, they actually gait from birth if they are bred properly. A gaited horses neurons fire differently than a trotting horse hense making them gait. They are bred for this! If your gaited horse is not gaiting it could be in his head, feet, or breeding. A gaited horse needs to have the proper head set in order to gait. I do not reccomend anyone changing bits or forcing a head set on a horse unless you know what you are doing because it can be dangerous if it is not done properly. Remember horses have minds of their own and can react to things they do not like so I recommend having an experianced gaited horse person teach the animal to set their head or try changing bits because some bits may not be enough and others may be to much, so it takes someone experianced to know what is the right bit. Also do not let a non gaited horse person train your gaited horse. It is much easier to create a bad habit than it is to fix a bad habit, so if someone who does not know gaited horses lets your gaited horse trot or pace it will take longer to get your gaited horse gaiting.